Komory chłodnicze


Our system of moduar coldrooms is based on sandwich panels with polyurethane core, which are joined with each other by special camlock system. This solution enables an easy and fast assembly and disassembly of the coldroom, as well as its further expansion by adding additional modules. Thanks to its simplicity the assembly is cheap and time-sparing. It can be done with just 2 persons. Our coldrooms distinguish themselves with high quality and heat insulation value and meet European hygienic and technical standards. The coldrooms are equipped with PaNELTECH hinged or sliding doors with FERMOD accessories.

Panel technical data:

  • Facing: steel sheet, thickness 0,75mm, coated with polyester pain, colour RAL9010 or stainless steel OH18N9, thickness 0,8 mm;
  • Core material: polyurethane foam, density of 40 kg/m3;
  • Jointing system: Camlock joints, ensuring exact and tight connection between all the edges.
  • Thickness: 80mm, 100mm;

Panel dimensions:

  • wall panel: 1150mm, maximal lenght - 2700mm for 80mm panel or 2600mm for 100mm panel;
  • corner panel: width – 1050mm, maximal lenght – 2700mm for 80mm panel or 2600mm for 100mm panel;
  • Roof/floor panel: width 1050/1150mm, maximal lenght – 2700mm;

Standard external dimensions of the coldroom:

  • 1310x2100x2100/2200* (h) mm;
  • 1310x3250x2100/2200* (h) mm;
  • 1310x4400x2100/2200* (h) mm;
  • 2460x2100x2100/2200* (h) mm;
  • 2460x3250x2100/2200* (h) mm;
  • 2460x4400x2100/2200* (h) mm;
  • custom dimensions on request.
* - Coldroom with a floor


Additnal accessories:

  • Doors: hinged or sliding doors with FERMOD accessories; made of steel sheet or stainless steel. More information available in Industrial doors section;
  • PVC strip curtains;
  • Floor options: anty-slippery profiled sheet made of aluminium or stainless steel, thickness 3mm;
  • Edges:steel flashings or PVC profiles;
  • Cooling devices.


  • Hotels, restaurants, fast-foods;
  • Food processing facilites;
  • Milk and milk products producers and distrubutors;
  • Sea food processing facilites and storehouses;
  • Fruits and vegetables processing facilites and storehouses;
  • Bakeries;
  • Supermarkets;