Styropian - produkcja

Spienianie styropianu


Pre-expanding of is a first stage of EPS production process. Polystyrene beads – the raw material for ESP production – undergo pre-expanding process in high temperature and special conditions. During the process they get softer and increase there volumes.

Sezonowanie polistyrenu

Seasoning of the polystyrene

Right after pre-expanding the polystyrene beads have to be seasoned in special airy silos, where air molecules enter them. In the effect the beads achieve necessary stability and are ready for next production stages.

Sezonowanie polistyrenu

Blocks production and seasoning

The next step is the production of EPS blocks. EPS beads are poured into a special rectangular block-mould and undergo steam expanding process. After leaving the block-mould EPS blocks have to be seasoned in proper conditions before the final production stage.

Sezonowanie polistyrenu

Cutting and packing

The blocks are cut by hot wires to boards of proper dimensions. The board can also be milled. The boards are packed into packages and taken into stock.